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Past Charitable Giving

Capital Laser & Skin Care is an organization that values service. We pride ourselves on exceptional service to our patients, but we also want to serve the community at large.  To support our mission, Capital Laser & Skin Care will highlight a staff member and their charity of choice throughout the year.  Join with us to support these worthy organizations.

Charity Events

CLSC Giving Back

The entire CLSC team getting ready for a charity event for Concord Hill School in February 2016.

Disruptive Women in Health Care

Dr. Tanzi at a “Disruptive Women in Health Care” event.

Camp Discovery (chosen by Dr. Tanzi)

Camp Discovery is my choice for Capital Laser & Skin Care’s current charitable donation. I have young children myself, and there is no greater joy to behold than them having fun in the summer. Swimming, running, playing games outside and laughing with their friends is what makes for the greatest of memories. But imagine a child having such a widespread skin condition that they are embarrassed to show their skin? Or worse, the skin condition is so severe that it is medically difficult for them to be outside in the sun or to swim? Many children with widespread or severe skin conditions miss out on summer fun with other children who don’t understand the challenges of having skin with special needs.  Camp Discovery was created for these kids.

Camp Discovery was founded by the American Academy of Dermatology in 1993 and offers a summer camp experience like no other. Every summer there are six weeks of camp in five locations that offer kids, aged 7-16 with severe skin conditions, a chance to fish, swim, do archery, horseback ride, hike, canoe or just simply have fun with other kids in an atmosphere of support.

Under the expert care of dermatologists and nurses, Camp Discovery offers campers the ability to spend a week among other children and teens with similar skin conditions and provides counselors who understand and lend support because they may have chronic skin conditions themselves.

There is no fee for the camp.  All costs are provided by the American Academy of Dermatology through generous donations from its members, other organizations, and thoughtful individuals. The Academy offers this experience to almost 400 children a year.  A gift to Camp Discovery ensures that children with chronic skin conditions will continue to benefit from a week of fun and adventure, while meeting others facing similar challenges and learning they are not alone.  Several years ago, I referred my first child to Camp Discovery.  JP was ten years old with severe psoriasis on his hands and feet.  His mother said the kids at school didn’t want to play with him for fear of getting “cooties” which was causing JP to become a quiet, shy kid. But after a week of camp where all the kids had a skin condition, he was no longer “different” and could just be himself and have fun. I’m happy to report that JP has attended the camp for several years, made wonderful friends and memories and has become quite outgoing and confident.  Camp Discovery changes lives one kid at a time, and every gift makes a difference!  Join Capital Laser & Skin Care in supporting Camp Discovery so they can continue to offer kids with severe skin conditions summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Click here to learn more or to donate to Camp Discovery.

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