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Unwanted Hair

Shaving and waxing to get rid of the unwanted hair on your legs, face, or bikini line can be both time-consuming and painful. The worst part is that the hair just keeps coming back week after week, forcing you into a persistent routine of accidental nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a quick and effective method for men and women to eliminate unwanted hair and enjoy smoother, softer skin without the bristles and prickles. Laser hair removal treatments at Capital Laser & Skin Care are performed under the guidance of our experienced dermatologists and highly trained registered nurses within the privacy of our hair removal suites. We take extra care to ensure your comfort and privacy during treatment. Because we use the most powerful, yet gentle laser hair removal systems on the market, treatments are quick, comfortable, and effective. You can walk out with the hair-free skin you want, usually in under an hour.

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During the consultation, our physicians will outline the best approach for your hair removal based on skin type and hair color. Because we have several hair removal devices available that can be tailored to individual needs, our precision hair removal treatments can be used even on the most difficult or sensitive areas such as the upper lip, underarms, back, chest and bikini area.

Prior to treatment, the area is numbed with topical anesthesia. While the laser is treating unwanted hair, there is a snapping sensation that only occurs while the laser light is applied to the skin. After treatment, most patients have pink, slightly bumpy skin in the treated area for several minutes to hours. Other than sun avoidance, no special care of the treated area is generally required.

The number of laser hair removal treatments needed will depend on several factors, including hair type, hair and skin color, body location, and other systemic conditions. Generally, at least three to five treatments are required for the best overall hair reduction. Touch-ups may be needed to maintain the smooth results. While complete elimination of all hair is not possible, most patients are extremely pleased with their results as any hair that returns is typically finer and thinner with slower regrowth than untreated areas.

We would love to speak with you and get started with your own personalized laser hair removal treatment. Give our office a call to schedule your private consultation at our laser and cosmetic dermatology center, located just blocks away from Washington, D.C.

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