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Easy Access Hours

We know our patients are busy.  Between work, home, school, and social responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to get to the doctor. But what does a busy person do for a new, itchy rash, skin infection, or changing growth that needs to be evaluated now? Waiting 3 months to get into a general dermatology office can be frustrating. To help provide convenient dermatologic care for our patients, Capital Laser & Skin Care offers Easy Access Hours.  Several times throughout the week, we offer dedicated lunchtime hours that can be scheduled on the morning of the visit.  Have a new rash, eczema, or poison ivy that needs to be seen? Call us in the morning for convenient scheduling. Worried about a new growth or changing mole on the skin? We can take care of that too.  The Board-Certified Dermatologists at Capital Laser & Skin Care believe that expeditious access to a specialist’s care is the best way to serve patients and support their skin health. 

Some common skin ailments that we see during our Easy Access Hours include:

-changing growths or moles                       -skin rashes and dermatitis

-eczema                                                           -inflamed cysts

-acne or rosacea flare-ups                          -medication refills for common skin conditions

If you are in need of prompt dermatologic care, give our office a call to speak with one of our Client Service Specialists to determine if you would benefit from our Easy Access Hours.   

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