Back in the Saddle: (Re)starting A Skin Care Regimen

Peters at desk

I recently celebrated my youngest child’s second birthday. While she ran around with her Minnie Mouse balloon I reflected on the past two years and beyond. Since my pregnancy, I have been busy with many things. I had given up my skin care and treatments while pregnant and was so preoccupied after that I never restarted.

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3 Ways to Manage Your Rosacea this Winter

Winter weather can be especially troublesome for men and women with rosacea as the cold, dry air can trigger outbreaks. Mix in wind, indoor heating, and low humidity and you are likely to find yourself with a flare-up. Our very own Dr. Tanzi understands this problem as she, like many of our Chevy Chase patients, struggles with rosacea. Fortunately, Capital Laser & Skin Care has a number of ways to help relieve your rosacea.
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A Guide to Adult Acne: Is Your Skin 30 going on 13?

Tanzi, Adult Acne - Image
With fall approaching, many of us will find ourselves nostalgic for the school days of the past. However, some memories may not be as enjoyable as others, as many will not soon forget their struggle with acne. Just as in our teen years, some of us continue to struggle with acne well into our 30s, 40s, and beyond. 

There is no question, acne is frustrating at any age! Hoping to control breakouts, our patients often seek advice from our skin care experts at Capital Laser and Skin Care. It is back to class for you as we provide a lesson in how to effectively target, treat, and prevent future acne outbreaks.
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