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3 Reasons To Try Dermal Fillers This Fall

The fall season is beloved by men and women in Maryland and the Washington DC area for many reasons. The cooler weather, the stylish wardrobes, and the holiday season are all just around the corner. At Capital Laser & Skin Care, we also love the fall season because it is an excellent time for men and women to have a fresh start with their skin thanks to dermal fillersContinue reading “3 Reasons To Try Dermal Fillers This Fall” »

Dermal Fillers Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance After Weight Loss

After dropping over 200 pounds, makeup artist Simone Anderson found that not only had her body changed, her face had too. Speaking candidly in an Instagram post, Anderson shared, “One place that I don’t think many people would think it would occur is the face.” Referring to weight loss, Anderson explained, “My cheeks sagged leaving me with big indent lines around my nose to mouth.”

Ms. Anderson is not alone! Many men and women find that weight loss affects their appearance far beyond their waistline!
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Back in the Saddle: (Re)starting A Skin Care Regimen

Peters at desk

I recently celebrated my youngest child’s second birthday. While she ran around with her Minnie Mouse balloon I reflected on the past two years and beyond. Since my pregnancy, I have been busy with many things. I had given up my skin care and treatments while pregnant and was so preoccupied after that I never restarted.

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Refresh Your Skin For The Fall

As September is upon us in Washington DC, many are curious about how they can keep their glowing summer skin look incredible all year-round. Thankfully, you don’t need to look too far before discovering the Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser offered at Capital Laser & Skin Care in Chevy Chase. Halo is making it possible for men and women to achieve excellent skin without the hassle of a more invasive treatment.

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Not All Brown Spots Are Created Equal

If you have developed brown spots on your face, neck, chest, or other parts of the body, you may be wondering what you can do to erase those signs of skin damage and maintain healthy-looking skin. Brown spots are quite common among people with fair skin and may be the result of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or other skin issues. It’s important to note that not all brown spots are created equal – so you need to check in with a board certified dermatologist like Dr. Tanzi, Dr. Shah, or Dr. Peters, to determine what type of underlying skin problem may be causing brown spots.
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Have You Considered Botox® Since the Election? Turns Out You Aren’t the Only One

We are no stranger to the political circus that surrounds us at Capital Laser & Skin Care. Neighboring Washington DC, we too experience our fair share of the political ebb and flow. In fact, many of our patients come to us hoping to escape the toll that the stress of it all has taken on their appearance. As one could expect, this year is unlike any other.
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Why Should You Choose for Professional Grade Microneedling?

As microneedling continues to gain popularity as a skin care essential, a number of at-home devices, known as dermarollers, have been introduced as an alternative to professional, in-office microneedling treatments. This has many of our patients here in the Washington DC area wondering, which is the better option of the two?

As with other skin care services, there is no at-home substitution for the quality of care that you will receive at Capital Laser & Skin Care. Dr. Tanzi reminds her patients, “in-office dispensed skin care that is customized to the particular needs of the patient will almost always provide superior results.”
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